Septic Services

All septic pumping service companies are not alike! At Kendall Septic Service, we are proud to offer a level of service and value unmatched by any other company in West Michigan.  

Why Choose Us?

  • We’ve been in business since 1942. We know what we’re doing!

  • We pump out the entire contents of your tank . . . some companies don’t!

  • We inspect the condition of your septic tank, baffle, effluent filter and drain field every time we service your system.

  • No regrets! You won’t regret calling us to pump your tank…but you may regret NOT calling us!

  • We’re licensed by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

  • We’re legal, very environmentally responsible, and dispose ONLY in State approved disposal facilities—never on the ground or in city sewers!

  • We are fully insured.

  • We have the most complete guarantee in the business. Ask about our exclusive “Good Money Guarantee”. We put our money where our mouth is!

  • Multiple trucks to serve you when you need it most.

  • We offer both septic pumping AND sewer and drain cleaning. No need to call a second company!

  • Video inspection. We can clean and view any line if needed after the tank is pumped.

  • Our partnership with Michigan Drainfield allows us to provide the incredible RESTORE Drainfield Restoration process to our customers.

  • We offer Greener Planet Solutions SRL - the most effective and comprehensive bacteria re-starter/additive in the U.S. This will more than restore the biology in your septic tank thereby preserving the condition of your drain field for years.


If you do not know where your septic tank is located, we can use a specially developed radio transmitter and receiver that allows us to pinpoint exactly where your tank or line is located.  We are accurate to within an inch! That accuracy saves time and money in prodding and digging costs.



Most septic service companies only pump tanks, but don't clean drains. This can be a problem if the line is full of roots, grease, or soap build-up. We have commercial high-speed drain cleaning machines designed to open any stoppage.  We use high-pressured jetting equipment and de-rooting machines to open any stoppage there might be in your line.



We always carry extra hoses to avoid having to drive our trucks onto your yard. No matter where your tank is, or how difficult it is to reach - we'll get there and get the job done!  

We have extra hoses to avoid driving onto your property. We can reach tanks that are in difficult places by attaching extra lengths!

Click here to learn about our Industry leading Septic System HMO Plan to help maintain your system.

How Our Good Money Guarantee Works

If your system begins to fail or completely fails, we will apply 100% of the cost you paid to have your tank(s) pumped toward the cost of our RESTORE Drainfield Restoration System. If RESTORE is successful, (95% are) we will guarantee your system for 5 years so long as our prescribed maintenance program is adhered to. Should the system fail, we will either repeat our RESTORE process at no charge to you or recommend our REPLACE system. Should the system require replacing within the 5 year warranty period, 100% of the price you paid for the RESTORE process will be applied toward our REPLACE system. That’s what we mean by Good Money Guarantee*. You never throw good money after bad. We put our money where our mouth is! This could save you thousands of dollars.  No other company in the U.S. offers this guarantee. No other company has the technology, biology or experience that we do. Nobody else truly “partners” with you like we do – nobody!

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