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Septic System Health Maintenance Option

The Septic System HMO Plan is offered as a progressive care and maintenance program that is designed to ensure your entire septic system is functioning and maintained properly and will extend the life of your system by years or even decades. The Plan is backed by our exclusive “Good Money Guarantee”. This guarantee establishes us as your chosen partner in preserving the life of your septic system. We will educate you about your particular system and will assume responsibility for tailoring a program that effectively maintains and preserves your system.

Our HMO plan is simple and straightforward. When we pump your tank, we will complete a multi-point inspection of your system and give you a report. If you decide to enroll in our HMO Plan, we will register your system by address (in case you sell…the plan is transferable!) Since your septic system is in fact an underground Biological Reactor that digests solid waste and distributes fluids, we will start by establishing effective biological balance and a maintenance regimen and long term plan for your system. As long as the plan is followed, your septic system will be covered by our limited, conditional Good Money Guarantee. The process to get enrolled is easy and we take care of all the details!


You simply pay the price to have your tank pumped (tank discounts do not apply on initial Septic System HMO registration) plus the HMO prices outlined below:

One Tank


(does not include cost  of pumping)

Includes: SRL, SRS, Good Money Guarantee 

Two Tanks:


(does not include cost  of pumping)

Includes: SRL, SRS, Good Money Guarantee 


1. We pump out your tank(s) *HMO price does not include pumping service* and inspect your system.


2. We enroll you in our Septic System Health Maintenance Option     

Image by Marta Filipczyk

3. We administer an initial baseline dose of our proprietary powerful SRL liquid biology  


4. We leave you with some of our very potent powder SRS biology to be applied by you periodically as prescribed . It is very simple, only takes a few seconds and we’ll remind you! 

SRS - Web FB 1.jpg

5. You don’t need to remember a thing. We will send you reminders at every interval necessary in order to keep the plan observed. We can notify you by email, text or phone.

Image by Estée Janssens

6. Your septic tank will be pumped by Kendall Septic at our recommended intervals (HMO price does not include the cost of pumping).


7. You can have confidence knowing you are protected by our Good Money Guarantee! 

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