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Repairs and Replacements

Where experience and innovation meet

We love taking care of our customers.  For over 70 years we have been repairing/replacing damaged septic systems and installing brand new ones. 


Kendall Septic Service's drain field experts will come out to your home or place of business to evaluate your system, discuss your options, and ensure that whether you need a repair, a restoration, or a replacement - you are well taken care of.  At Kendall Septic Service, we pull permits for every site that we perform work on to ensure your protection. When inspection time comes, your drain field will be up to code.

The pipes installed for drain fields allow the liquid from your septic tank to flow through your yard undetected for final disinfection treatment before it reaches the organisms in your soil. We have found that grass and shallow-rooted plants are the best ground-covers for your drain field. If you are not careful when choosing plants for shelter, the roots may cause problems later on with the drain field pipes.

Our technicians are trained to repair and replace your drain field with only the best products and systems.  Contact us to learn how we can help get your system up and running!

Dos and Don'ts of Drainfields


  • DO get on our schedule for routine septic tank pumping to keep it working properly and avoid expensive repairs.

  • DO add a biological enhancement such as SR-10 to your system if you use bleach or antibacterial household cleaners to recharge your system.

DON'TS:  These activities can pack the soil down and may cause damage to your septic tank and drain field

  • DO NOT park or drive vehicles or equipment over the drainfield or septic system.

  • DO NOT install driveways, patios, carports, decks, storage sheds, sports courts, landscaping barriers, swimming pools, or fire pits over your drainfield or septic system.

  • DO NOT have structures over the drainfield.

  • DO NOT plumb perimeter or footing tile sump pumps into your septic system.

  • DO NOT allow animals to graze in the vicinity.


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